Charities face a challenge: the risk of losing out on the most significant wealth transfer in history. If charities don't act now, increasing donor mortality will mean a dramatic loss of revenue from donors who have spent a lifetime supporting them.


Your current marketing may be doing a disservice to your core supporters if you are not talking to them about planned giving, and helping them through the process. ‘Kitchen table’, face-to-face development simply leaves up to ten times as much unfulfilled donor aspiration as is fulfilled. Using this development paradigm results in high costs per closed commitment, development time that is twice as long as it should be, and close rates that are one-third of what they could be.

This is a classical problem/opportunity, and in failing to address it successfully charities fail their donors. Solutions exist. There are programs with compelling evidence-based results that help gift officers triple their close rates in half the development time while building a reservoir of future gifts in cultivation.

MajorGiftBuilders has identified and deployed direct response marketing techniques, learned in the for-profit sector, that have proven success when applied to not-for-profits. We change the marketing paradigm, we increase opportunity by orders of magnitude, and help Gift Officers multiply their close rates by 300% by focussing their energies on closing qualified opportunities.

Closers should close, prospectors should prospect. Gift Officers are generally not good at prospecting, and if they are good at prospecting, they soon get caught up in closing and stop prospecting.

Charities need a solution that is predictable, recurring, and scalable. We help define it, build a case for it, and implement it.